WaterToT™: The New Infant Carrier That Takes a Hands-Free Approach to Maximizing Pool Safety

Sydney NSW (Aug 6th, 2004) - Introducing an infant to the water can be a challenging experience for both the child and parent. It can also be a serious safety hazard. In fact, according to child safety organizations, more than 350 children younger than five years of age drown in swimming pools every year. Moreover, the American Red Cross reports that an alarming number of injuries occur when the caregiver and baby move in and around pools. The WaterToT™ infant carrier, from WaterToT Inc, is specially designed to minimize the safety risks while maximizing the fun and joyful bonding experience that occurs when parents bring their infant with them into the water at a swimming pool, lake or beach. Made of an ultra-durable, buoyant neoprene fabric, WaterToT™ is an outward-facing infant carrier that allows parents and child care providers to comfortably and securely attach babies - from eight to 30 pounds - close to their bodies during water recreation or when showering and bathing with a child. "Parents are aware they need to take proactive measures to safeguard their children in the water", says Geoffrey Dalton, President of WaterToT. "Whether acquainting an infant with the shower or bathtub for the first time or inspiring them to swim and enjoy the water at an early age, it's critical that the child feels safe, confident and secure. WaterToT™ was designed to do exactly that … and more," says Dalton. "Not only does it provide a more safe and easier way for parents to introduce an infant to the water, it makes the experience much more enjoyable and comfortable for both the child and parent."
WaterToT's™ ingenious hands-free design makes it easy and convenient for a baby and parent to maintain constant close contact with each other, while giving parents easy access to pool railings or safety bars when entering a pool, shower stall or bathtub. In addition, the hands-free design creates a comforting, secure in-water experience for infants, and is great for parents who want to enjoy water play with more than one child, providing an ideal child-parent bonding environment. WaterToT's practical design incorporates two-inch wide adjustable shoulder straps to provide proper weight distribution, minimizing back pain and allowing parents to comfortably balance and position the infant in a variety of carrying positions. "We're looking forward to introducing the WaterToT™ to the pool and spa market and working with retailers to educate consumers about the safety hazards of entering the water with a baby," says Dalton. "WaterToT™ is a must-have for retailers that want to offer a safe and comfortable solution for parents who enjoy spending time and bonding with their children in the water. For more information please visit our website at: WaterToT(tm) is distributed in Australia by AUSSIE STEP P/L, manufacturers and suppliers of gymnasium and hydrotherapy equipment for 20 years. Kevin White MD of the company, is pleased to be able to bring to this country a product that will not only enhance the quality of experience in the water but add an new dimension of safety to any situation where handling wet infants is necessary. For trade enquiries or for the address of your nearest stockist, contact AUSSIE STEP on 1800 809 427.


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